Man Vs. Monster Buck

North American Hunter's Larry Weishun tracks whitetails in Oklahoma and stumbles upon a hunter's dream. Can he make the shot?

That video give you buck fever? You're not alone. According to the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation:

Forget football, in Oklahoma deer are king. Come fall there are 200,000 hunters headed out to the woods to participate in the most popular single sporting event in the state - deer gun season. That is more than all the fans at Boone Pickens, Gaylord Memorial and Chapman stadiums combined.

It’s no wonder so many Oklahomans have caught buck fever - our state is a sleeper destination when it comes to having a great chance to take home a trophy. We have known it for a long time, that there are big deer in the woods, but the word is now getting out to the rest of the nation. Oklahoma is now routinely featured on national hunting shows and is showing up on the bucket list of deer-crazy hunters everywhere.

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