Designed For America's Most Popular Game

Nosler designed their new BT Ammunition line with deer, antelope and hog hunters in mind, ensuring bullet weights and muzzle velocities are honed for reliable performance.

Because Nosler’s Ballistic Tip Hunting bullets have been popular with America’s deer, antelope, and hog hunter’s for quite some time, it only made sense for them to release the new BT Ammunition, loaded exclusively with their Ballistic Tip Hunting bullets.

The ammo is built with a tapered bullet jacket that controls expansion giving it a large impact velocity window of 1800 fps to 3200 fps, making it a dependable choice for medium sized critters.

    The new BT Hunting Ammunition will be offered in the following popular non-magnum hunting cartridges with bullet weights and muzzle velocities that are optimized for deer, antelope and hogs :
    .243 Win. 90 grain-ballistic tip

    .270 Win. 140 grain-ballistic tip

    7mm-08 Rem. 120 grain-ballistic tip

    .30-30 Win. 150 grain-ballistic tip

    308 Win. 125 grain-ballistic tip

    308 Win. 165 grain-ballistic tip

    30-06 125 grain-ballistic tip

    30-06 180 grain-ballistic tip

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