10 Creepy Trail Cam Pics For Halloween

Most of us would prefer to be sitting in our treestand on Halloween, waiting for a rutting buck to wonder past, than following our kids from house to house scrambling for treats. Here are a 10 spooky trail camera photos to keep your mind in the woods.

We scoured the internet to bring you some of the creepiest trail camera photo we could find and came up with the following 10.

A Satyr with what looks to be a dead man laying in the grass.

This one's been around for quite sometime. Have you seen it before?

A ghostly woman wondering in the woods or did grandma forget her slippers in her treestand.

Is that a ghost or an alien, we can't tell?

Do you see it? That white-tailed buck sure does.

OOOOh- it's a scary ghost!

Is this the neighbor kid or a zombie, either way lock your doors.

Q: Is there anything creepier than a clown?
A: Yes, a clown in the woods.

Imagine checking your trail camera and coming across an entire series of photos like this one. YUCK!

Last but not least...

Maybe this one isn't very creepy... then again who in the heck trespasses on someone else's land without their shirt and brings along their zombie girlfriend.

Happy Halloween!

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