Warrior Tested: Wolverine Ridgeline Xtreme

Think about it: Your boots work harder on every single hunt than any other piece of your hunting gear. Without the best, you might as well be running in place.

Do you remember what it feels like to have toes so cold that you actually thought about getting down and cutting your hunt short ... a hunt you'd waited for and planned for all year long? Or how about slipping to your stand through the early morning dew, only to discover that your boots didn't repel water nearly as well as they were supposed to?

Either situation is a buzz kill, and nothing good will ever come from wearing inadequate footwear. But here's the big question: How long are you going to make yourself suffer?

We recently put a pair of Wolverine's Ridgeline Xtreme boots on the feet of Cash, NAH's Senior Tactical Editor, and sent him running. Hard. Fast. And wet. We asked him to demand more from these boots than most hunters will ever need.

Here's his report card:

  • Top Qualities: Extremely waterproof, very lightweight, great color options, superb durability and exceptional comfort.
  • Favorite Feature: Traction. "I felt like Spiderman in these boots."
  • Drawbacks: Stiffness. "The boots took a few miles to break in, but as far as footwear goes, the break-in process was still quick and easy."
  • Specifications And Features: 600-gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation, Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, removable cushioned insole, compression-molded EVA with with fabric-wrapped outers, aggressive tread pattern.
  • Test Protocol: Three-mile jog/hike through aggressive terrain, including woods, rocks and creeks."
  • Bottom Line: "If you're looking for an exceptional boot with minimal break-in time, then look no further. My objective was and always is to push gear testing to the next level ... to the 'Xtreme,' if you will. These boots were able to go the distance with me."

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