Don't Blow Smoke

The past couple years I’ve had to address a smoking/safety issue with a few hunters. You may know, Colorado is among the few states that legalized the use of marijuana. Just because something is “legal” to use, doesn’t mean you should be handling firearms while under the influence.

* This is not a pro or con rant about the laws. It’s a reminder to everyone to BE SAFE while handling firearms or archery equipment.

Some celebrate and think it’s wonderful that the Big Horn State has passed the “Green Cross” law. While attending hunts in other states I’ve had people enthusiastically ask if I brought any “chronic”. Since I’m not a smoker myself, it used to take me a minute to decipher what they were insinuating. Now I know those hunters were in a sense asking to get high.

Stop, wait a minute. “Hunters” and “high” shouldn’t go together. That is, unless we’re referring to hunting at a high elevation.

    Negatives of hunting under the influence

  • It’s not safe to handle firearms while you’re abilities are impaired.
  • Smoking inhibits the ability to get close to game animals.
  • Being under the influence will reduce your reaction time and slow thought processes.
  • Smoking can restrict lung capacity, making hiking more difficult and cause dizziness.

Don’t make excuses. Be safe.
Remember the “Firearm Safety Rules”, you should also remember you should NEVER handle a firearm while under the influence. That means NO ALCOHOL. NO MARIJUANA, and NO OVER THE COUNTER MEDS.

Yep, you read that right. You say you’re not a smoker? Here’s something else to think about. Cold medicine can also cause danger when handling firearms.

Be safe. Have fun. Happy Hunting.

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