Warrior Test: Bushnell G-Force DX Rangefinder

Once you’ve spotted a turkey, deer or other game, the clock is ticking. You need quick, precise range information to adjust your trajectory and guarantee the best possible shot.

There’s a ton of work involved in preparing an area for hunting season: Scouting, clearing sight lines and shooting lanes, and then the actual treestand setup and gear prep. There is absolutely no reason to waste that investment.

Once you’re up in the stand waiting and watching for a chance to draw your bow or squeeze the trigger, it’s “go time”. If a critter moves into view, you need precision instruments like the Bushnell G-Force DX Rangefinder to immediately acquire vital information that is guaranteed to improve your performance.

We asked our best man — Lead Product Tester Ray “Cash” Care (Former Navy SEAL) — to analyze and evaluate this tool. Find his full report below:

  • Top Qualities: Bow Mode out to 99 yards, Rifle Mode, Waterproof housing, overall 5-1,300-yard range.

  • Favorite Feature: The Display: "Love the fact that you can switch between four different brightness levels, it makes the display viable in nearly any light condition.

  • Drawbacks: Lanyard. “Needs to be a bit longer, when I tried putting over gloves and sleeve of outerwear I did not have a lot of play to properly position the RF.”

  • Specifications and Features: Super sharp 6x optics enhanced with Vivid Display Technology (VDT) to dramatically improves contrast, clarity and light transmission, Bow-mode (provides true horizontal distance from 5-99 yards); Rifle mode (provides bullet-drop/holdover in cm, inch, MOA and MIL), 2nd Generation E.S.P. (Extreme Speed Precision); 5-1300 yards effective range; 1/2 yard accuracy and 1/10 yard display precision, Selective Targeting System -- Bulls Eye, Brush and SCAN modes and Rubber-armored metal housing; fully waterproof; built-in tripod mount.
  • Test Protocol: “Test was simple — take one bow, one hunter, one tree stand and the Bushnell G-Force DX. Then get up in the stand and put the Rangefinder to work.”

  • Bottom Line: “Bushnell is on point with this G-Force DX Rangefinder. Easy to operate, lightweight, waterproof and durable as all hell. Why do I say durable? I set up my treestand, got ready, and accidentally dropped this vital piece of gear about 12-feet. No change in performance. My goal is to utilize this Rangefinder in other areas as well, preferably on the tactical side. Hell, maybe jumping into the water out of a moving helicopter at 20 knots.”

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