Firearms Safety During the Hunt

Firearm safety is an important part of hunting but sometimes can get lost in the excitement of making a great shot. As a mentor you need to be ready to correct improper handling of firearm during any circumstances. Here are some tips to keep you on top of it.

I was chatting with my friend, Fredi Mendez of His Pursuit Outdoors, about safety issues he encounters in the field. He isn’t only a fellow outfitter, guide and videographer but also a hunter safety instructor. I asked him what safety issue he has to handle the most while he’s afield with hunters.

Fredi said he deals with numerous hunters who muzzle sweep everything and also forget to put their safeties on. He says, “Especially after they take a shot. They seem to forget everything after that.”

Don’t get caught in the excitement!

Be a second set of eyes
If you are teaching, mentoring, chaperoning or guiding hunters in the field, you should pay attention to what the gun handler is doing. Keep an eye on their muzzle and safety. Remind them to always point the gun in a safe direction and remind them to check their safety.

Make it second nature
If you are on a hunt, remind yourself often to look where your muzzle is pointed at all times. Also, check your safety and do it more than once. Do this things so often that they become second nature.

Don’t be a headline
Often times when a guide reminds someone of a safety issue, they here “I know.” Yes. If we’ve gone through a firearms safety, or hunter education, course we DO KNOW. That’s what would make it even worse if we had an accident. Since you do know, DO IT and don’t become one of the names in the headlines.

Be safe. Have fun. Happy hunting!

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