The Number 1006 Can Make Your Day

You have a smartphone, and you like to use it while deer hunting to send texts to buddies, check football scores, see who’s killed what thanks to Facebook, and shoot photos from the field. Wouldn’t it be great if you could operate your phone without removing a glove? Now you can.

Smartphones have made it possible to stay connected with hunting buddies unlike ever before, but it’s maddening having to remove a glove every time you want to send a text or take a photo. Thankfully, those days are over if you have a pair of Huntworth Tech Series Gloves (model 1006).

These medium-weight wind-proof gloves fit like a second skin, have a non-slip palm and best of all, are touch-screen compatible for smartphones. Depending on air temps while archery hunting, I might choose a warmer glove for my bow hand, but I always have a model 1006 on my release hand. The 1006 is warm enough for cold temps (I keep my release hand in a pocket or hand muff until I spot a deer), but it’s thin enough as to not hamper my shot. And I can text, check websites and take photos with the 1006 on my release hand. Nice!

I’ll admit I scoffed when I first read about these touch-screen gloves a couple years ago. But I was wrong, and if an old dog like me can learn a new trick, you can, too. As the photo below shows (yes, that’s me a couple of days ago in the treestand during a blizzard in South Dakota), it’s not always nice enough to drop the gloves.

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