Illinois Bowhunter Tags Two Giants

For most bowhunters, tagging one trophy whitetail is a once-in-a-lifetime event. But for Illinois bowhunter Ben Setchell, he accomplished that task twice during the 2014 season.

Ben Setchell, from DeKalb, Illinois, has had quite a fall.

“I put in hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work prepping for this deer season,” Ben said. “The results speak for themselves!”

Ben, who leaves for boot camp with the United States Air Force in 3 weeks, is a do-it-yourself bowhunter. He doesn’t spend time (and money) with top-dollar outfitters. And he isn’t supplied with the latest-and-greatest equipment due to prestigious pro staff positions with archery manufacturers.

“My bow is pre-owned, and I got it for a third of the cost of a new one” Ben stated with pride. “And it’s still top of the line. More bowhunters should look at used archery gear; it sure works well for me and keeps the cost way down.”

Ben’s first whitetail of 2014 (photo below), taken earlier this archery season, is a mid-140 class buck with tremendous mass. And as if tagging that buck wasn’t enough, he matched that accomplishment with his latest buck (photo above), which appears to be every bit as big.

“Well, through the countless freezing hours sitting in the stand this November,” Ben said, “I finally put down another big Illinois buck. It’s been a hell of a season. I’ve passed tons of deer this year waiting for a guy like this one. In fact, I drew my bow on deer during six bowhunts in a row, but thankfully never had a shot. Otherwise I would’ve never killed a buck this big.”

Congrats, Ben, on two fantastic whitetails, and good luck at boot camp, too. We thank you (in advance) for your service!

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