Hunter’s Buck Stolen From The Field

Someone knows something about this stolen buck. Can you help the Idaho Game and Fish Department and the hunter find this trophy muley?

Chuck Thompson was backpack hunting near Riggins, Idaho, when he shot this massive mule deer. Several trips were required to pack out the meat, and between loads Chuck returned to the kill site to find the remaining meat, cape and antlers missing.

Thieves often have trouble keeping quiet about their exploits, so chances are good that someone, somewhere, will be bragging about stealing this buck. Or, perhaps they’ll claim to have killed the trophy buck themselves and the rack will show up at a taxidermy shop.

Keep your eyes and ears open; let’s help Chuck Thompson and the Idaho Fish and Game Department (IDFG) find this deer.

Specifically, notice the buck’s large brow tines (eye guards) on the photo below, and the group of three tines (looks sort of like a turkey foot) growing on the rack’s longest point on its left side is unique, too (photo above).

If you have any information about this stolen buck, please call IDFG Regional Conservation Officer Mark Hill at 208-799-5010. Rewards are available.

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