The new 2015 Mathews NO CAM HTR

Mathews Archery announces its new flagship hunting bow for 2015, the NO CAM HTR. And it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, or shot, before.

There are two things I love about November. The first is rutting whitetail bucks are on their feet during daylight hours more than ever before.

The second is Mathews Archery unveils its lineup of new bows in November. Because I’ve been shooting various Mathews compounds for more than 15 years now, I look forward to this new product launch like a kid on Christmas morning.

New from this innovative company for 2015 is its flagship hunting bow called the Mathews NO CAM HTR.

Appropriately named NO CAM ST Technology, it utilizes two circular and concentric string tracks to create a balanced system with a radically smooth draw cycle and straight and level nock travel for killer accuracy. It’s a truly integrated system with shorter and more rigid quad limbs, a less-reflexed riser, twin Harmonic Stabilizers and the comfortable Focus Grip. The Mathews team says the bow will launch arrows at speeds up to 330 fps.

In my opinion, the bow’s length (32 inches axle-to-axle) and weight (4.3 pounds) are ideal for deer hunting in any situation, and the 6 5/8-inch brace height should result in a sweet-shooting (i.e. forgiving) bow. RockMods (for a rock-solid back wall) come standard on the NO CAM HTR and are available in 65, 75 and 85 percent let-off.

If you think you’ll be asking your spouse to put a Mathews NO CAM HTR under the Christmas tree this year, in addition to leaving Post-it notes around the house with your specs (draw length, poundage and let-off), be sure to leave a hint regarding color, too. You see, the bow comes in five great finishes: Black Anthem, Tactical, Lost OT Camo (new for 2015), Lost Camo and Stone Tactical (new for 2015).

Of course, the best way to experience a NO CAM HTR is to visit a local Authorized Mathews Retailer.

P.S. A few well-known bowhunters, like Greg Miller (below), were lucky enough to get their hands on a Mathews NO CAM HTR immediately following the new product announcement, and word from the treestand is the bow is easy to tune and supremely accurate.

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