The 10 Biggest Anti-Knife Cities In The U.S.

If you're a hunter or an outdoorsman like us, chances are you carry some sort of pocket knife or multi-tool with a blade at all times. If you visit some of these cities your every-day tool could put you in the slammer.

In no particular order here are the 10 most anti-knife cities in America.

  • New York, NY
    The majority of pocketknives will result in arrest, they aggressively persecute knife owners, and there have been over 60,000 to date.

  • Philadelphia, PA
    All knives are illegal to carry except when actually in use on a job site.

  • Ocean City, MD
    Many common pocketknives are illegal, and a "Catch 22" traps many citizens.

  • San Antonio, TX
    All locking-blade pocketknives knives are illegal to carry except on the job. Even Texas can't escape these goofy knife laws.

  • Rocky River, OH
    There's a 2.5-inch blade limit.

  • Boston, MA
    Has 2.5-inch blade carry limit including in your vehicle.

  • Cleveland, OH
    Requires blade to be less than 2.5-inch to carry, and you have to register any sale or gift of a longer bladed knife.

  • Chicago, IL
    Bosting a 2.5-inch blade concealed carry limit, a 2-inch blade limit for 18 and under, but minor cannot legally obtain any knife. Does that even make sense?

  • Corpus Christi, TX
    It's illegal to carry any fixed blade knife or a folder with a blade longer than 3-inches except when actually in use on the job. Wow, who'd have thought Texas would show up on this list twice!

  • Aspen, CO
    Any concealed knife is illegal to carry in public.
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