Kid-Assisted Pheasant Release

Several state game and fish departments release pen-raised pheasants to supplement the wild pheasant population, knowing those roosters that aren’t killed by bird hunters will probably become food for coyotes, owls and other predators.

Upland bird hunters are somewhat divided on the idea of stocking pen-raised pheasants onto public and private lands to boost the overall population of birds available for hunting. Some purists want nothing to do with pulling the trigger on a pen-raised pheasant, while others couldn’t care less if the rooster flushing at their feet was hatched in the wild or at a game farm.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, there’s little doubt that for youth bird hunters, the more targets flushing and flying the better. And can anyone truly tell the difference between a pen-raised pheasant and a wild one when it comes out of a slow cooker?

The boys in the video below are having a blast helping their grandpa release pheasants onto private land. Judging by their laughter, the kids will be just as excited to walk beside him a day or two later when he tries to harvest a few of the birds for dinner.