Review: Outdoor Edge Kodi-Pak

If you have someone on your Christmas list who seems to have everything, then the Kodi-Pak might be the perfect stocking stuffer.

When it comes to my hunting gear, I definitely adhere to the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) philosophy. I like to travel light and pack only those items I know I’ll need on a big-game adventure. In fact, on my deer hunts to the back 40, I’ll carry little more than a fanny pack loaded with essential items. You won’t find me lugging a heavy daypack loaded with everything but the kitchen sink.

One piece of essential gear that accompanies me on every big-game hunt is the Kodi-Pak from Outdoor Edge. This handy knife-saw combo includes the Kodi-Caper (2 1/2-inch blade), Kodi-Skinner with gut hook (4 3/8-inch blade) and Kodi-Saw (6-inch blade).

All three items store safely and securely in the combo’s full-grain leather belt sheath. I’ve logged many miles with this durable sheath on my hip, and it’s comfortable to carry and rides tight enough to my body to avoid being snagged on brush and branches.

I’ve used the triple-ground diamond-cut blade of the Kodi-Saw to trim shooting lanes and aid in quartering larger game in the field. The small Kodi-Caper is perfect for making those precision cuts when processing an animal, and the Kodi-Skinner, thanks to its gut hook, is used every time I’m successful in harvesting an animal.

The rubberized Kraton handles provide a solid grip while working in the field, and I’ve found them to be easy to clean, no matter if I’m rinsing them off in a nearby creek or cleaning them for good at home in the sink.

The Outdoor Edge Kodi-Pak has a lifetime guarantee, but I’m confident you won’t ever have to use it. I’ve been beating the hell out of my Kodi-Pak for several years now, and except for several scratches (character marks) on the leather sheath, the knives and saw still look and perform like new.

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