Review: Redneck Sportsman Bale Blind

Late-season is the perfect time to ambush whitetails from the ground, and there’s no better way to fool a deer than to sit a blind that looks like a hay bale.

Unlike many hunters who spend the vast majority of their time in treestands, I divide mine 50/50 between treestands and ground blinds. And while I own a selection of pop-up ground blinds and have built (with the help of buddies) several box blinds, my all-time favorite is the Redneck Sportsman Bale Blind.

I own 40 acres in western Wisconsin and have a single 1-acre food plot on my property, and sitting on the south side of that food plot is my Bale Blind. My dad and I assembled the blind several years ago, and it took us about 90 minutes to complete the project. The two-person blind measures 64 inches in length, has a center width of 72 inches, and is 70 inches high. And even though the blind features five silent-slide window covers (two on the front, one on the back, and one on each end), I use only the two windows on the front and one of the side simply because of the way my blind is positioned on the field/wood edge.

The Sportsman Bale Blind does a great job standing up to the elements due to its sturdy aluminum/galvanized frame. I have my blind anchored to the ground with a T-post. The blind’s durable (and removable) hand-sewn cover is made from water-resistant woven polypropylene with combination of straw and other long-lasting natural fibers.

Through the years I’ve had heavy snows collapse several of my pop-up ground blinds, resulting in broken fiberglass poles and torn fabric. The Bale Blind is unaffected by such winter storms. Note: The natural cover will last about 3 years when left outside year-round, and it’s replaceable, but I remove the cover at the end of each deer season to maximize its life. I leave the frame in the field year-round.

Unlike my box blinds, it didn’t take the deer days or weeks to become comfortable around the Bale Blind. Because the blind looks identical to a farmer’s bale, the deer walked right passed it the first day it was in the field. For bow or gun hunting, it can’t be beat.

If you enjoy hunting whitetails on their level, give the Redneck Sportsman Bale Blind a try. I know you’ll love it as much as I do.

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