Tis The Season For Mission Bows

Santa Claus is coming to town, and this year he’s bringing something better than rootie-toot-toots and rum-a-tum-tums.

Toys, toys, toys. If your kids are like mine, they have more gizmos and gadgets than they know what to do with. This Christmas, maybe it’s time to skip the annual pre-Christmas trip to Target or Toys “R” Us and instead buy a gift that could very well inspire a lifelong passion for bowhunting.

I’m not talking about buying cheap plastic bows. These are great for very young kids, but after they have the strength to draw more than 5 pounds, they’re ready to step up to a Mini Genesis bow.

With an adjustable draw weight of 6-12 pounds and composite limbs, the Mini Genesis is no toy. It features zero let-off and no set draw length (14-25 inches), meaning more than one child can share the same bow without adjusting a thing. Weighing only 2 pounds, the Mini fits even pre-schoolers who are ready to shoot like Mom or Dad. And just in case your son or daughter’s favorite color isn’t Lost Camo, the bow is also available in red, blue, pink and black. It can be purchased separately or as a package, which includes five aluminum arrows, hip quiver, arm guard and two multi-colored ringed target faces.

If the child on your Christmas list is a little older, about 8 or more, then consider upgrading to a Mission Craze compound bow.

My 12-year-old son, Elliott, began shooting the Craze several years ago, and as he’s grown I’ve increased the draw length and draw weight (no bow press required) to ensure the bow fits him perfectly. I’ve included the video below—when Elliott was 8—as proof that the bow grows with the child.

This is not a misprint: The dual cam system on the Craze allows you to adjust draw weight from 15-70 pounds and draw length from 19-30 inches. And the Craze has 80 percent let off, so it’s incredibly comfortable to shoot. You’ll have three different packages (rest, sight, quiver, etc.) to choose from, as well as 10 different finishes, several of which have to be seen to be believed.

If your child has been good for goodness sake, surprise them with a topnotch bow this Christmas.

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