Gear Review: Primos Double Bull Blind

Ready to come out of the cold and wind, but you don’t want to wave the white “I surrender!” flag on deer season? Then get comfortable, and stay concealed, in a Double Bull Blind.

I know the co-inventors (Keith Beam and Brooks Johnson) of the original Double Bull Blinds personally, and these guys started the whole pop-up ground blind craze many years ago. Sure, other portable blinds had been on the market before their innovative hub-style design, but Double Bull re-wrote the book on what it meant to have a quiet, simple, fast and deadly ground blind.

A few years ago Keith and Brooks sold their company to the hardcore hunters at Primos, and I’m here to tell you that the quality of the product is still as good as ever. That doesn’t always happen when “the little guy” becomes part of something much larger, but in the case of Double Bull, the blinds are still exceptional.

One of my favorite models is the Primos Double Bull Double Wide Ground Blind, and it has the largest and quietest entry door of any blind on the market thanks to its zipperless design (photo below). It’s easy to get in and out of the blind even while wearing heavy clothes and carrying a daypack and gun or bow. Nice!

Other features include: 180-degree front view with Silent Slide window adjustments; replaceable shoot-through mesh window panels; and Power Hub framework for extreme durability.

One thing that really sets this blind apart is its durable no-sheen poly/cotton material. I’ve hunted in this blind in South Dakota, where the wind ALWAYS blows, and it doesn’t flap and alert game. It’s also soft to the touch so branches don’t make noise if they brush against it.

The Double Wide is roomy, too. Two bowhunters can be set up for whitetails, turkeys or pronghorns, and there’s still room around the edge of the blind’s interior for your extra gear.

Four heavy-duty ground stakes and a deluxe oversize carrying bag are included.

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