Gear Review: ScentBlocker NTS Baselayer Shirt

Any worthwhile layering system for beating the cold begins with the baselayer. And one that really stands apart is the NTS shirt from ScentBlocker.

It’s no exaggeration to say that many deer hunts fail because hunters are unable to remain in the field long enough to seal the deal. Without the ability to sit still for several hours while waiting on a whitetail, you begin to move too much to stay warm, or worse, you’re forced back to the truck or cabin.

Last weekend while hunting in miserably cold conditions in Wisconsin, I counted the number of layers I was wearing. In total, I had seven layers on the top, and five on the bottom. And one of the most-important top layers was the ScentBlocker NTS Baselayer Shirt.

NTS stands for “Next To Skin,” and it has a snug fit for easy layering without feeling tight. It features 4Direction stretch fabric, and combined with Trinity scent-control technology and S3 antimicrobial treatment, this baselayer is ideal for anyone needing to stay warm while pursuing a wide variety of big game.

My favorite features of the NTS shirt include the thumbholes near the wrist to ensure the garment doesn’t slide up when you add additional layers, and the front zipper works great for regulating your core body temperature while walking to and from a treestand.

Of course, if you do sweat while walking to your treestand, the NTS’s 100 percent Polyester Soft fabric will wick away the moisture to your mid layers, which will allow you to remain comfortable on stand until Mr. Wallhanger strolls by!

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