Firearms Museum Names First Woman Curator

The Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, should be on your bucket list, and when you get there, be sure to tip your cowboy hat to its newest curator, Ashley Lynn Hlebinsky.

More than a decado ago, on the day before a horseback bowhunt for elk in the Rockies of west-central Wyoming, I had the pleasure of spending several hours touring the Cody Firearms Museum, which resides in the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody. I was amazed at the many fine firearms on display at the museum, and someday I hope to return with my two sons to show them a bit of American history.

One thing that will be different on my next visit is I might run into Ashley Lynn Hlebinsky (above), who was recently named as associate curator of the Cody Firearms Museum. She becomes the first female firearms curator in the country. Congrats, Ashley!

This job change is so new that the Center’s “Meet the Staff” page hasn’t been updated yet, but you can click here to read more about Ashley and her background.

When asked about her new role with the museum, Ashley humbly said: "I don't consider myself a groundbreaker at all. Women have always been a part of firearms history and are a growing population in today's firearms community. And trust me, I'm no Annie Oakley."

The facility in Cody is topnotch (see photos below), and the guns on display are simply amazing. Make a point to visit the Cody Firearms Museum soon.

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