4 Tips: Introducing A Newbie To A Riflescope

New hunters often begin their hunting career using a mentor’s rifle. It’s a wonderful thing to have great mentors, but as a mentor there are things of old habit, which we need not take for granted. One such thing is peering at out targets through a riflescope.

When we’re teaching new hunters how to look at a target through the scope, we need to teach them multiple things.

  • Sight Picture – If the scope is set with the proper eye-relief, the shooter should have a full sight picture when the scope is turned to its lowest magnification. As the teacher, we need to let them know what it should look like and also NOT to put their eye up to the scope. “Don’t get too close” doesn’t always suffice. We need to explain what it should look like and also find a rifle with scope/eye-relief that fits the new shooter.

  • Crosshair and reticle – We may think various reticles and crosshair types are common, but some are a bit more technical than a new shooter may be aware of. Draw them a picture and show them what you mean when you say, “Hold 1 high” and so on.

  • Finding the target – Some new shooters wave the gun around, looking for the target. Explain how to look down the barrel to locate proximity of the target. This puts them closer to it when they actually look through the scope.

  • Awareness of target surroundings – Another thing you should teach the new hunter is to be aware of the target and what is around it. As they look down the barrel, toward the target, they need to look for other animals or dangers near and beyond their estimated shot area.

Be safe, have fun! Happy Hunting.

For more info on NSSF's Project Child Safe go to ProjectChildSafe.org.

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