Trinity Glove With Text Touch: Reviewed

All bowhunters know concealment is one of the most important things when on a hunt so naturally covering your hands is essential part to a successful hunt. However in today’s world the ability to use your smartphone is a big part in most everyone’s life. That said ScentBlocker has a stellar solution, the Trinity Glove with Smart Touch.

Sure you can use any old camo glove to conceal your hands, but what happens when you want to update your Instagram account or kill sometime by texting your pals? You have to take your gloves off. No big deal right … wrong, here’s why:

  1. You have to take your gloves off and that means extra movement.
  2. You could drop one or both of your gloves which means no more concealment or toasty fingers.
  3. You might forget which pocket you put your gloves in and that equals more movement to find them.
  4. You will eventually have to put them back on, again more movement.

We all know you want to limit your movement when on stand and you can avoid this problem completely with the ScentBlocker’s Trinity Gloves with Smart Touch.

You could leave you smartphone at home but who’s going to do that? Not me!

This bow season I've been using the Trinity Gloves with Smart Touch and been experiencing great success using my phone to update social media sites from my stand and also texting my wife to let her know whether or not I’d be home in time for dinner. There was one occasion when I forgot them at home and had to use the back-up pair of gloves I keep in my pack—things weren’t so smooth. I ended up seeing a doe when my gloves were off, dropping one of them when I was reaching for my bow, and spooking her. Needless to say I won't be forgetting my Trinity Gloves again.

Other than the ability to use these gloves with my smartphone I really like that ScentBlocker incorporated their Trinity technology into the gloves to mask any unwanted scent I might have on my hands. Plus, the honeycomb pattern silicon grips on the palm of the gloves are nice for climbing in and out of stands and getting a sure-handed grip on my bow.