Les Kouba Signature Moose Knife & Tin

This beautiful collector’s knife is meant to be admired and cherished by hunters and outdoor art lovers alike.

Some pocket knives are strictly utilitarian—built to work hard and stand up to daily wear-and-tear dished out on the job, at the cabin or in the woods. Then there are knives that are works of art—meant to be admired and cherished more than used and abused.


The collector’s edition lock-back knife falls into the latter category it's on a true piece of art. Les Kouba, the foremost painter of wildlife, put his signature stamp on this collector's set: a moose in its wild element, masterfully depicted on both sides of this knife, and housed in a tin depicting the same scene that you and your hunting buddies will love to get your hands on. The perfect gift for art and hunting aficionados alike.

Open, the blade and handle measure a full 7 inches, is contoured to provide a secure and comfortable grip. Certainly, the option to use it as an everyday tool is there, but in our view, this blade belongs in a display case, along with it's tin.

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