Master Mentor 2014: Winners Announced

You've nominated and you've voted ... and now we have the winners. So, without further hesitation, we present and congratulate your winners of the 2014 RAM/North American Hunter Master Mentor Program.


Major Mentoring Accomplishments
Georgia Outdoor Network and SEEDS (Sportsmanship, Ethics, Education, Dedication, Service) program: fundraising and volunteering. Next Generation: talked to classes about the outdoors. Member of the Outdoor Writer’s Association of America and Georgia Outdoor Writer’s Association: written several articles about how to get kids involved in hunting. Retired Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force.

Mentoring History Overview
From John’s nominator, Andrew Stanley: Since we were kids, John has spent an amazing amount of time in the woods and at home, teaching youth about hunting and doing what he calls “making memories” in the great outdoors. Most don’t realize it at the time, but they’re learning about integrity and respect—John has always been a stickler for following the game laws and respecting other hunters, and he was always concerned about the importance of hunting and conservation. There were only a few kids in our school who hunted, so he arranged for Steve Scruggs to come to our school and talk about the importance of hunting. His program was so popular that the school starting paying him to come back every year. After setting up a youth hunt, some of his buddies started bringing their kids and it’s grown tremendously. Since my brother and I were born, he has written down the details of every hunting and fishing trip we’ve ever gone on—along with pictures. It’s a great memory we’ll always have, and I plan on doing the same thing with my kids. He’s the best dad and mentor a kid could ever have and I love and respect him very much!

As the Grand Prize Winner, John and his nominator, Andrew, will accompany the North American Hunter-TV crew to the Maroi Conservancy in South Africa to hunt plains game during the spring of 2015.


Major Mentoring Accomplishments
Awarded "Distinguished Expert" high-power rifle badge through NRA and US Army. Sixth Army high-power rifle champion. President of the North Dakota Shooting Sports Association 1988-90. Charter Member of Golden Eagles, NRA. Life Member NRA. Life Member NAH. Head Coach of North Dakota National Guard high-power rifle team for more than 15 years.

Mentoring History Overview
From Harry’s nominator, Jeff Schneider: Harry's desire to get as many people as possible involved in shooting and hunting sets him apart from others. He began teaching me gun safety and outdoor skills as early as I can remember, as he does with all his grandchildren. As past president of the North Dakota Shooting Sports Association, he was always getting people to join the competitive shooting world. He didn't just teach me gun safety how to shoot, how to hunt and fish, but more importantly he taught me to respect the environment and the animals we pursued. He stressed the importance of ensuring that every aspect of the hunt was legal and ethical—it was about the experience. I can’t count the number of people he invited to hunt with us. The values and ethics which Harry exemplifies are the epitome of what a mentor should be. He is more concerned with the success of the mentee, than with his own success. At age 78, Harry is still mentoring anyone he can and still traversing the badlands of western North Dakota in pursuit of trophy mule deer.

As First Runner-Up, Harry will receive a $350 Bass Pro Shops gift card.


Major Mentoring Accomplishments
Shad has used the radio, websites and news channels to get his word out about his mentoring efforts as the founder of Take ‘Em Outdoors, which holds events at local sportsman’s clubs, fundraisers, bike rides and banquets—all to help fund taking terminally ill children and wounded veterans hunting and fishing.

Mentoring History Overview
From Shad’s nominator, Eric Paye: As the founder of Take ‘Em Outdoors, Shad started mentoring terminally and/or severely ill children and wounded veterans in the outdoors. He sacrifices numerous hours to the Take ‘Em Outdoors cause, away from family, to help out other families with the dire need to take their minds off their tragic conditions. Shad gives endlessly to others and deserves something like this to show him that it really matters—not only to the families he's helping, but the people/friends he coordinates to take these families out. Year after year, "we" come back and want to continue being involved in such a great organization.

As Second Runner-Up, Shad will receive a $150 Bass Pro Shops gift card.

For a complete overview of the 2014 RAM/North American Hunter Master Mentor program, visit the Master Mentor Homepage here.

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