Gear Review: Federal Black Cloud Ammo

Looking for a lethal load for your next waterfowl hunt? Then check out Federal’s amazing Black Cloud shotshells.

Last week I was blessed to hunt ducks on a private plantation near Stuttgart, Arkansas, and my guide, Darren (below), described it as follows during our pre-hunt meeting:

“Stuttgart is the duck capital of the world,” he said, “and this farm is the duck capital OF the duck capital. Trust me—you’ll have a fantastic time.”

I’m happy to report Darren was correct, and our group (10 hunters) shot our limit of mallards in less than an hour. And every bird hit the water thanks to Federal Black Cloud ammunition.

Specifically, I used No. 4 size shot right at daybreak when ducks were almost landing on top of the decoys, then we switched to No. 3s when the distances increased slightly. Because I’m always looking for ways to lessen recoil, I opted for 1-ounce loads (2.75-inch shells) with both size shot, though most guys in the group used 3-inchers.

Of course, we missed our share of ducks, and I probably missed more than my share, but it was clear to me that when our aim was true, Black Cloud knocked the birds out of the sky with authority. Trust me, the ammo’s FLITECONTROL wad provides tight, consistent patterns, and FLITESTOPPER steel pellets are death on ducks.

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