Tested: Browning Featherweight Knife

Whether you’re packing for backcountry elk or Back 40 whitetails, minimizing what you take with you while maximizing your capabilities should always be a priority.

With that in mind, let us introduce you to the Browning Featherweight Big Game Knife, which features a guthook for starting the field-dressing process, a sturdy bone saw for speeding up the heavy tasks, and a 3.5-inch main blade to take care of everything else. It’s kinda like carrying your toolshed in your daypack.

Our favorite feature is the bone saw; we use it to carefully cut the pelvic bone of any big-game animal, which makes it infinitely easier to remove the entrails.

This lock-back folding knife is compact (only 4.75 inches closed) and comes with a ballistic cloth nylon shealth. The Featherweight can be carried on your belt, but we typically store it in a daypack along with elbow-length field-dressing gloves, compact first-aid kit and other must-have hunting accessories.

To many hunters, the name “Browning” means quality, and this well-built knife certainly carries on that tradition.