Against The Odds

Fred Metzler of Brighton, Michigan, won the Great Moose Hunt of North America sweepstakes. On the same day he received the winning notice, he was told by his doctor that he had lost vision in his right eye. See how Fred persevered against the odds and killed a bull moose in Newfoundland.

The North American Hunting Club partnered with Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism to offer the Great Moose Hunt of North America—a truly amazing sweepstakes. I filled out the entry form one time and, unbelievably, I was notified that I had won! I would be traveling to Ray's Hunting and Fishing Lodge in Newfoundland for a 6-day adventure hunt of a lifetime.

However, on the same day I received the exciting news, I found out that I had lost the vision in my dominant right eye. After buying a new left-handed rifle chambered in .308 Win., I spent a lot of time at the range to learn how to shoot left handed and with my left eye.

Ray's Hunting and Fishing Lodge has terrific guides, great areas to hunt, and the accommodations were fantastic. I never realized how beautiful Newfoundland is. I was completely impressed with the diversity of terrain and hunting opportunities for moose and caribou. It's a picturesque place to spend quality time in the outdoors.

It didn't take long to realize that all of my pre-trip practice was worth it. My guide, Scott Broughton, put me on a great moose during the first morning. With one clean shot, the big bull went down.

Because of the NAHC, Ray’s Hunting and Fishing Lodge, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, North American Hunter TV Producer Terry Boeder, and my hunting mate, Joe Jurevicius, it was an unforgettable experience and outstanding hunt. I met some wonderful people and forged lifelong friendships.

Since the age of 16, I'm proud to say I've ethically taken 292 deer. An outfitted, guided big game hunt has always been on my bucket list. Finally, at the age of 65, it finally happened ... and now I get to add a moose to my hunting memories.

Watch the video below if you'd like to see highlights from my hunt,. I hope you can enjoy it almost as much as I did.

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