Gear Review: STORMR Typhoon Watch Cap

When Ma Nature is pissed off and hammers you with sleet, snow and wind, you need clothing that fights back.

In my home state of Minnesota, we enjoy four distinct seasons, and a few days ago (December 21) we welcomed Old Man Winter to town. But he often doesn’t wait for the calendar to call his name, and this year we were pounded in early November with a blizzard.

Thanks to high winds and a foot of fresh powder—which blew into waist-high drifts at the end of my driveway—it was time to shove the golf bag into storage and fire up the snowblower. And while conditions were brutal, I remained comfortable—without being dressed like the Michelin Man—thanks to garments from STORMR.

I first heard about this clothing brand when I happened to walk by their booth at the annual SHOT (Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade) Show in Las Vegas in January of 2014. This industry-only show is massive and I was already late for a meeting, but the gear caught my eye and I just had to stop. You see, I do a lot of late-season hunting in nasty weather in Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, and these garments looked like they were built for battling brutal conditions.

Here’s the skinny: STORMR products use Neoprene Core Technology and Fusion VAPR Technology to keep you warm, dry and flexible in the field. Interior moisture-wicking fleece keeps you warm and comfortable, while the exterior windproof and waterproof shell beads water on impact.

One of my favorite STORMR products is the Typhoon Watch Cap. Mine is black (above), and I like to wear it whenever I’m hunting in a ground blind with a black interior. And although I don’t own one yet, I plan to get the camo version (Realtree Max-4), too. It’s called the Stealth Watch Cap Beanie and is slightly thicker (3mm vs. 2mm) than the Typhoon. It should be great for everything from ducks to deer.

P.S. Like the STORMR Stealth Jacket in this pic? Click here for more information.

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