Want Warm Hands? Use A Muff!

Gun hunters and bowhunters alike know keeping your hands warm is paramount to making a good shot in cold weather. You can use gloves or mittens but they’ll get in the way. Using the right hand muff will keep your hands toasty and ready when the time comes to take a shot.

I’ve been using hand muffs for at least the last ten years on nearly every hunt that dips below 30 degrees and honestly feel awkward when I hunt without one, even in warmer temps. A muff keeps my hands warmer than any glove can because it holds heat from two hands and not one. Plus, muffs allow me to keep my hands free from the bulk of a glove or mitten allowing me to reach into my pockets or pack with ease, they don’t get in the way when you’re shooting and when temps start to dip even lower I add a hand warmer and my hands stay warm for hours.

In the past I’ve used plain hand muffs that simply kept my hands warm and free of bulk, but this season I was introduced to the Muff-Pak from Hunter Safety Systems—my view of hand-muffs took on a whole new light.

Remember fanny packs from the 90’s? My dad had one for far too long and it made me and everyone around him uncomfortable. The Muff-Pak has a few similar features but its camouflaged and doesn’t make me look like my dad back in 1997. And it isn’t just a tool to keep my hands warm, it serves as extra storage for key items I might need to access quickly while on stand; no matter if it’s a speed loader for my muzzleloader, shells for my rifle or my phone to kill time, everything is now at my waist. This thing has so many pockets I didn’t know what to do with them at first.

A few other features worth a mention are the fact that its fleece lined for extra comfort and warmth, it has an adjustable waist band which made it easy to use when I had my bulky late-season gear on, an ergonomically correct design that’s intended for both sitting and standing and don't forget the mesh pocket in the back.

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