Holiday Ideas For The Forgetful

Let’s cut to the chase: You blew it. So, whatcha gonna do about it?

Christmas is almost here. You’re staring at a Christmas tree with a barren landscape void of gifts under the boughs. What do you do? If you come from a hunting family, I’m here to help.

First, don’t panic. Take a breath. Now get your credit card out and think gift cards. Whew! That was easy, wasn’t it? Gift cards give your loved ones freedom. They have the freedom to shop for the gift they desire. They have the freedom to shop when they wish. And lastly, you have the freedom to be stress free during the holidays.

My favorite gift to receive is a gift card from Cabela’s. I might not use the card immediately, but I know at some point in the coming year I’ll need a new pair of boots or an addition to my backcountry elk camp. Yep, think gift cards. We like gift cards.

I could stop right there, but I can sense a few of you are still itching to put a big package under the tree. Here’s another gift that every hunter needs. Think ammunition. What’s one product that continually runs out during the year? Yes, it’s ammunition—and for the avid shooter in your hunting family it can become expensive, so it makes the perfect gift.

If you have a young shooter or a spouse that’s just beginning to hunt, think about ammunition choices such as Hornady’s Custom Lite. This new lineup from Hornady comes in eight popular big game calibers and two shotgun slug loads. It offers felt-recoil reductions of up to 43 percent yet maintains superb energy performance and trajectory.

Are you still pondering about a gift idea? It’s winter and with colder temperatures comes the urge to coyote hunt. Ruger surprised the hunting world with its affordable and accurate American Rifle. They are now surprising the predator world with the new American Rifle Predator model. It comes in six favorite predator-busting calibers and a lightweight, moss green composite stock. The heavy barrel maintains accuracy and the dependable receiver amenities guarantee a rifle that will become an heirloom in your family. Oh ya: The affordable price of the American Rifle won’t break the bank and leave you with bills to pay way beyond the Christmas season.

And you thought this would be difficult. Here are a few more suggestions, just in case.

Good luck with your holiday shopping and have a merry Christmas!


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