Wanna Be A Crossbow Sniper?

There are three non-negotiable attributes of a sniper: silent, light and lethal. Here's a crossbow with all of those benefits ... at a price that's as small as the bull's-eye you'll be drilling.

It's not often you'll find a crossbow at this price with so many bells and whistles.

    Specs for the Mission MXB-Sniper Lite crossbow:
  • Speed Up to 310 FPS
  • Physical Weight 5.96 pounds
  • Power Stroke 14 inches
  • Draw Weight 150 pounds
  • Width 20.5 inches
  • Length 32.75 inches
  • MSRP $599
  • For more information about the MXB-Sniper Lite crossbow head over to MissionArchery.com

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