Power Cap’s 4-LED Blaze Orange Beanie

All hunters need a reliable light in the field. If you’re like the rest of us you’ve probably forgotten it a time or two and been left in the dark. You’ll never forget your light again with the Power Cap 4-LED Beanie.

I need to have my hands free when I’m walking to my treestand or ground blind epically when I’m in the dark. I’ve always used head lamps to accomplish this task, as do most other hunters, and been satisfied with their performance. But it never fails at least twice during every season I’ll forget to my light at home and am forced to use my smartphone or my regular flashlight that I keep buried in my pack.

I used the Power Cap 4-LED blaze orange beanie during Minnesota’s firearm season in November and never forgot my light—because I don’t forget my hat. Yes, it’s just as easy to forget a hat as is to forget a headlamp but when you hunt in the North if you forget a hat you won’t be going hunting very long in the cold.

I’ll admit I was skeptical about the performance of the hat: “Would it keep my head warm?” or “What if it makes me sweat?” I can confidently say I didn’t have either problem. The hat kept me warm on two -4 degree days and on the days the temps climbed into the 30’s the hat wicked away my sweat.

Not only will this beanie light your way to your stand but it’s good for close-up work, too. Two of the LED’s are angled down at 55 degrees for close up tasks and the other two are aimed forward to light up to 42-feet in front of you.

Next time you go on a cold weather hunt I suggest you take a good look at this beanie because it might be the last hunting light and hunting hat you’ll ever have to buy.

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