Warrior-Tested: Outdoor Edge Grip-Lite Knife

Outdoor Edge’s Grip-Lite Knife is put through the gauntlet by a former Navy SEAL to see how it measures up to anything Mother Nature can dish out.

Just as no hunter/shooter can own too many guns, you can’t own too many knives. And while some knives serve a very specific purpose (think gutting blade), other designs such as the Grip-Lite are built for a wide variety of uses.


  • Specifications: 3.2-inch blade is made with AUS-8 stainless steel; ergonomic rubberized Kraton handle ensures a secure non-slip grip even when wet; double-sided thumb stud for easy opening; folding knife comes with a nylon sheath.
  • Test Protocol: SEAL vs. shelter . . . the objective was to build a hasty shelter to escape the nasty elements that Mother Nature so willingly provided during my test day. I used one tarp, a tree and some branches and had my way with building the shelter in less than 5 minutes. Fun!
  • Top Qualities: Lightweight; lifetime warranty; double-sided thumb stud for easy access; handle had a GREAT grip!
  • Favorite Feature: Lifetime Warranty.
  • Least-Favorite Feature: Blade didn’t hold an edge when cutting tough stuff like branches.
  • Skill-Level Recommendation: From beginners on up.
  • Bottom Line: This is a good all-around household knife, and for the price you actually get a deal. But for the serious outdoorsman, I’d recommend a blade that holds a better edge.

Warrior Tested Rating

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