Watch: The "Cups" Song Performed with Guns!

You haven't heard that annoyingly catchy song from "Pitch Perfect" until you've heard it performed with an AR15, an AK47, a CZ75 and a Walther P22. Trust us.

It's OK. Admit it. You watch the movie Pitch Perfect every time it comes on TV, and your absolute favorite part is when Beca—played by cutie Anna Kendrick—auditions for the Bellas. Yes, with just a borrowed cup—and a lot of heart—she belts out the odd little ditty "Cups" and earns herself a spot on the best women's singing group on campus. Well, country musician Jim Huish has now taken the tune to a whole new level. Watch in amazement as he performs the song with a few more cups...and a few more guns.

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