Bipods Reign Supreme

Using any shooting rest in the field will increase your accuracy. But some are simply better than others.

    Pros of using a bipod on your hunting rifle
  • It's attached to your gun so you can't forget it at home or leave it behind when you're done hunting.
  • They don't wobble like shooting sticks so you will shoot more accurately.
  • The learning curve is nearly non-existing—you'll figure out how to use them after a couple of shots
  • Your hands are free to use for rattling, game calls or to reload your rifle.
    Cons of using a bipod on your hunting rifle
  • It will add weight to your gun, and any extra weight is bad when you have to hoof it long distances.
  • It will make your gun front heavy. This will only effect you if you are shooting freehand without the bipod.