Hold Up After You Bundle Up

Tis the season for snow angles, sleigh rides, predator and duck hunting. Regardless which activity you choose, you’ll want to be bundled up when you head out.

Through the past decade, there’ve been many advances in warmth technology. Gone are the days of the “I’m so bundled up, I can’t move” phrases. However, layering for wintertime warmth does add some inches to a shooter’s shoulder.

Before you head out to hunt, check yourself.

It’s best to head to the range in the layers you intend to wear on your hunt and test them out. Start out with a safe, cleared firearm and proceed to shooting targets with live rounds.

  • Hold up after you bundle up – Shoulder your firearm. Take note of where your cheek hits the stock on the shotgun. Check the eye relief on your scope. Make sure the stock is seating in your shoulder properly so it doesn’t inadvertently slide during a shot.
  • Check your trigger – Double check your ability to sufficiently reach the trigger. Don’t forget to test the size, grip and trigger control with your gloves on. Check to see where your finger is in relation to the trigger guard.
  • Mount your gun – As your target flies, raise and mount your shotgun. Check to see that no loose clothing is inhibiting the shouldering of your firearm.
  • Swing your gun – Whether you’ll be shooting at ducks or coyotes, you’ll likely need to move quickly. Practice swinging and/or moving to other stances. Take note and of whether your layers are binding, or will inhibit your arms in any way.

Practice at the range. Make adjustments, if necessary. Then head out for the hunt. Don’t let subtle changes in your clothing catch you off guard in the field.

Be safe. Have fun. Happy Hunting.

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