Warrior-Tested: ScentBlocker Versa Headwear

ScentBlocker Versa Multi-Purpose Headwear with Trinity Technology is put to the test by a former Navy SEAL.

Are you looking for the ultimate multi-purpose hat/gaiter to use in the field? Then check out ScentBlocker’s latest and greatest Versa Headwear.

For more than 10 years Robinson Outdoor Products has worked to develop Trinity Technology, which is the new pinnacle in human scent control. Trinity Technology is designed around a cutting-edge synthetic polymer that was specifically created to adsorb human odor. With a huge surface area and more adsorptive kinetics, Trinity Technology surpasses the old industry standard of scent control and sets the bar at a whole new level.


  • Specifications: Trinity synthetic scent control; 100 percent polyester knit single jersey; single flat seam for comfort; can we worn in multiple ways; includes Insect Shield to repel insects.
  • Test Protocol: Spent 7 hours in the frosty air of Minnesota hiking deep into the forest while carrying a treestand. I then set up the stand, took it down just for fun and exercise, hiked all the way out, and then did some shooting.
  • Top Qualities: 4 Direction Stretch provides superior comfort, fit and freedom of movement. The inherent multi-directional stretch of the fabric allows you to perform the movements needed to hunt while not worrying about your garment binding or restricting your range of motion. Micro-Wick Technology disperses moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and better regulate temperatures and enhance comfort. Finally, flat seams mean it’s as comfortable as all hell.
  • Favorite Feature: Insect Shield. I’m a true believer that having the advantage any way possible is a step closer to a successful hunt. If I’m swatting bugs that are drilling my neck from the stand, deer will spot me and my hunt will be over.
  • Least-Favorite Feature: Limited color/camo schemes.
  • Skill-Level Recommendation: Beginner and up.

  • Bottom Line: ScentBlocker has knocked it out of the park with the Versa. I chose several activities on cold fall day and configured the multi-purpose headwear in four different ways. The damn thing kept my head dry and warm, and when I picked up the pace of an activity, it even dried quickly. In my opinion, this is a must-have piece of gear for any hunter or shooter.

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