A Gun Guy’s Review Of Kid Rock’s Latest Video

Kid Rock recently released the title track, “First Kiss,” from his upcoming album. Check out the video and read a deer hunter’s unique perspective on the man and his music.

My pickup radio is programmed with country stations, classic rock and sports talk. But I’m also a station surfer, and on any given day something a bit out of my norm might catch my ear and I’ll crank down the windows and crank up the volume.

Label his music however you want, but when Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” (video below) hits the air waves, my kids (boys 10 and 12) and I can’t help but sing each verse as loud as possible. Truth be told, my wife likes the song but isn’t too crazy about the boys singing/screaming “we were smokin’ funny things.” Do the kids know what they’re singing about? Probably, which I guess makes me a bad father.

One thing I know for sure is the kids understand perfectly the phrase “catchin’ walleye from the dock” because fishing is a big part of our lives. Likewise, we’re hunters/shooters (my wife included), and for that reason I know the whole family will like Kid Rock’s recently released title track, “First Kiss.”

The video above has been out only a few days, and I love it. One part of the video that caught my hunter’s eye immediately is Kid Rock’s blaze-orange baseball cap. I had to watch the video several times (pause, play, pause, play, etc.) to decipher the name/logo on the hat (yea, that’s the reason I’m going with for replaying the video; it had nothing to do with the gorgeous blonde).

I’m 99 percent sure Kid Rock’s hat says Pine Level Processors, and a quick online search revealed a place by that name in Alabama, about halfway between Montgomery and Troy on Highway 231. Kid Rock is pro-gun and pro-hunting, so I can certainly see him visiting a processor that states the following on its website:

“Guaranteed drop-off. We will always take your deer, anytime day or night. The deer you bring in is the deer you get back. We process one deer at a time. We will never ‘bulk’ your deer with another deer.”

And I can see Kid Rock standing in the corner of Pine Level Processors and watching what it calls The Soak. Quote: “After skinning and quartering your deer, we soak it for several days in a 35-gallon bucket (a small amount of salt is added to the water). It’s amazing what floats to the surface!”

From the skull/antler sticker on the rear window of Kid Rock’s pickup, to the Pine Level hat, I give the song/video 5 stars. And while I haven’t made the call, I’m guessing you could probably get your own Pine Level Processors cap by calling them directly at: (334) 850-0538. And while you have them on the line, ask them how many whitetails Kid Rock dropped off last deer season.

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