Warrior Tested: STORMR STEALTH Gear

Are you looking for the ultimate in foul-weather clothing? Then check out the STEALTH jacket and bibs by STORMR.

The STEALTH Series is built to withstand the harshest weather and working environments for all professional fishermen/mariners and hunters. The jacket takes all of the benefits of STORMR’s neoprene core technology and adapts them to the unique demands of a waterfowler’s environment. And the abrasion-resistant material in high-use areas of the bibs make them superior to any other foul weather gear.


  • Specifications: Jacket: Two interior mesh gear pockets; adjustable waistband with two interior cord locks; two-way adjustable hood; two large shotshell pockets; call holders and tether. Bibs: adjustable shoulder straps and waistband; non-corrosive zippers; reinforced adjustable ankle cuffs.
  • Test Protocol: SEAL vs. ducks. There are two things SEALS love: water and hunting. And during this review, I had my fill of both.
  • Top Qualities: Jacket: fleece-lined interior; non-corrosive zipper; adjustable velcro cuffs; interior cell phone pocket. Bibs: kill switch D-ring; call holders and tether.
  • Favorite Feature: Jacket: silicone shoulder grip; place that stock in the proper position and hunt on! Bibs: kill switch D-ring. Safety is paramount, and I like seeing companies placing an emphasis on it.
  • Least-Favorite Feature: Jacket: internal neoprene cuffs. The damn thing comes with adjustable velcro cuffs, and neoprene is a pain in the rump if you need to get the jacket on or off in a hurry. Please understand I’m fully aware of the purpose of neoprene, but my opinion stands. Bibs: Right out of the box they are stiff as all hell. That said, the bibs did loosen up over time.
  • Skill-Level Recommendation: Intermediate to expert.
  • Bottom Line: Jacket: It’s hard to complain about something that’s made for hunters by hunters. Time, thought and effort went into what I like to call the “total package” in jackets. I only hope I get to test out more of STORMR’s gear. My only complaint is the neoprene cuffs. I’m sorry, but after 10 years of wearing a wetsuit as a SEAL, I want nothing with neoprene on or near me. Bibs: Going into this review, I wasn’t a fan of foul-weather bibs, but the STORMR team has changed my stubborn ways. If you're looking to stay warm and dry, these bibs have you covered. This SEAL is very impressed, and these are words I don’t often use.

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