DSD Decoys = Limits Of Geese

The diehard waterfowlers from Dave Smith Decoys (DSD) recently experienced fast-paced action on Cacklers in their home state of Oregon.

According to team DSD, there’s no other way to ease life's stresses than to share a blind with your buddies, especially when the geese decoy so well. And we editors couldn’t agree more.

What you see here are seven limits of Cacklers, and one goose sported a band from Alaska! The guys were hunting in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

If you’re not familiar with Dave Smith Decoys, you should be. As the DSD Cackler decoy below shows, you can fool birds by using the very best decoys. And DSD makes everything from lifelike goose and turkey fakes to an amazing whitetail decoy.

Congrats on a great hunt, guys!

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