Warrior Tested: 5.11 Scout Folder

Are you looking for a solid folding knife to use in the field? Then check out the Scout folder by 5.11. It’s a cut above the rest.

An ideal multipurpose/utility knife, the 5.11 Scout Folder is crafted from AUS 8 steel and features a 3.5-inch-long, 4mm-thick plain edge Spearpoint blade and a subdued no-glint black oxide coating on all hardware. It’s great for any and all needs, including cutting, stabbing and slicing.


  • Specifications: 4.75 inches closed; 8.25 inches open; Spearpoint blade is 4mm thick and 3.5 inches long; Mike Vellekamp/Blade-Tech design; includes torx wrench for modifications.
  • Test Protocol: This knife was put through a series of tests, from setting up a hasty shelter to cutting line to help secure the shelter.
  • Top Qualities: Superior utility, quick action; G-10 grip scales; V-hole ensures quick and reliable action; no-glint black oxide coating; lanyard hole; reversible clip for multiple carry options; sturdy and durable; good balance; and a great edge on the blade.
  • Favorite Feature: Torx wrench that’s included. I love the concept of including the proper tightening tool with the package. Simply check the status of your equipment before heading out or even take it with you just to be safe.
  • Least-Favorite Feature: Blade lost sharp edge after extended hard use. I think the blade should’ve held an edge longer due to the relatively soft material (soft woods and line) I was cutting.
  • Skill-Level Recommendation: Beginner and up.
  • Bottom Line: The 5.11 Scout Folder is a great bang for the buck. This knife is ideal for anyone who loves the outdoors. From the avid hunter to the hiker, it’s easy to use and clips in for fast usage. Having the lanyard hole also is a huge plus, because if I’m heading out on the trail, one thing I like to do is secure my mission-essential gear to me so I don’t loose it.

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