Self-Filming Made Easy

Do you want to be the next Michael Waddell? Do you pray that your latest hunting video will hit a million views on YouTube? Are you ready to tell your boss goodbye and become a hunting TV star?

Me, too. But before you do that, you should practice filming your hunts—and one of the ways to do that is with a mini HD video camera.

Most of you are familiar with the GoPro camera craze. These small units can be attached to motocross bikes, firearms and even your head to capture a bubble-world view of what’s happening in your personal space. They’re hardy units, but they lack one important feature: The captured video is too wide-angle to determine what’s going on beyond 20 yards.

That’s where Tactacam shines. These small, easy-to-operate units offer another option in HD video filming and are designed by hunters, for hunters. First off, the camera comes standard with a lens that almost mimics what you see with your own eyes. That means if you film a 100-yard shot, it will look like a 100-yard shot. It’s telephoto compared to the fisheye view common with other GoPro-style units. You can swap out the lens for a wide-angle view if you wish, too.

You’ll notice the unit is compact. It’s about the size of a roll of Lifesavers and equal in weight. But it’s the simplicity of the unit you’ll appreciate. Everything is one-touch. Push the single-operation button and the unit powers up and begins filming. You won’t miss a second of action moving to another function to start the video capture.

The button lights up and vibrates to signal the cameras are rolling. Hold the button down for 1 second and the unit quits filming, but it doesn’t shut off until you hold the button for 2 seconds. All the sequences are verified by short vibrations, again to signal the unit is working without you having to take your eyes off of the game.

All the images are captured on a micro SD card. A 32GB card is recommended, and that, combined with the rechargeable lithium battery, gives you at least 2 hours of filming time. When the card is full the camera vibrates for 3 seconds, and when the battery is down to 10 minutes a fast-blinking green light shows on the operational button.

You can take still images with the camera simply by unscrewing the back cap and flipping a switch. And the all-metal construction of the unit combined with appropriately placed seals means the unit is rugged and waterproof. You can even film underwater down to 30 meters. All video is captured in true HD in 1080p/30fps and 720/60fps. It’s simple to transfer video and it’s ready for your social media venue.

Finally, Tactacam realizes that hunters hit the fields armed in a variety of ways. With that in mind they offer accessories to mount the camera via a stabilizer on your bow, on your rifle barrel, on your riflescope, on your ATV and through picatinny rail mount systems. Options are almost unlimited.

Look for footage from my Tactacam on upcoming video blogs right here at North American Hunter, and consider a Tactacam for your next hunting adventure, whether you're looking for one for your gun or your bow.