Savage Model 16 Bear Hunter In .338 Federal

NAH-TV Host Luke Hartle chats with Bill Dermody of Savage Arms about introducing the Federal .338 cartridge in six of their guns. But they specifically cover the Model 16 Bear Hunter, which is right up Luke's alley.

Introduced in 2006 the Federal .338 is a great bullet for big game. Why, because it's a heavier bullet that has a fast velocity. Basically, you get more energy in a round that fits in a short action, and when you shoo it you won't feel like you were just punched in the arm by Mike Tyson in his prime.

Besides the Model 16 Bear Hunter Savage is offering the .338 Fed. in the following rifles: Model 11 Hog Hunter, Model 11 Trophy Hunter XP, Modle 11 Long Range Hunter, Model 16 Trophy Hunter XP and the Modle 16 FCSS Weather Warrior Stainless Steel.

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