Finger of God Field Trip

Think about all the field trips you experienced as a kid, whether it was for school, Boy Scouts or with some other organization. Did you ever have the chance to visit an ammo manufacturer? Probably not.

Back in August 2014, I introduced you to a Minnesota-based manufacturer with an unforgettable name: F.O.G. (Finger of God) Firearms and Cartridge Company. Click here to read the short article.

As I wrote in that story: We editors have seen just about every marketing/sales slogan imaginable, but we have to tip our tactical caps to the guys from F.O.G. for this one:

“Because you deserve finger of God accuracy.”

F.O.G is a family owned and operated ammunition manufacturer that specializes in high-quality loaded cartridges in many different calibers using only premium bullets and propellants. That’s cool—but what I like even better is the guys from F.O.G. understand that it’s our duty to introduce kids to hunting/shooting, in a safe and educational manner.

Check this out: F.O.G. recently hosted the Hubbard County 4-H kids. The staff talked to the 30 youngsters and their parents about gunsmithing as a career, showed them how they do Cerakote work, discussed the process of manufacturing ammunition, and even told a few hunting stories. As you can see from the many mounts on the walls of F.O.G., the staff steps away from the shooting bench and into the field a ton.

The kids were very interested in the tour, and it’s my bet that many of them will enjoy of lifetime of hunting and shooting fun . . . due at least in some small way to caring adults who took the time to share their knowledge and passion for the outdoors.

Nicely done, F.O.G.!

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