TBT: Super Bowl-Worthy Taxidermy Ad

This Sunday when the whole world tunes in to watch the big game, as well as the incredibly expensive TV commercials, one ad you won’t see—but SHOULD!—is this classic by Ojai Taxidermy’s Chuck Testa.

We editors love NFL football, and it’s our belief that Super Bowl Sunday 2015 would be even better if someone gave Chuck Testa 9 million dollars to run this 1-minute Throwback Thursday commercial from 2011. According to stats listed on YouTube, his commercial has been seen by more than 15.5 million people!

Editor’s Note: If you’re a fan of Chuck Testa and want to buy one of his “Nope!” t-shirts or hoodies, click here. We think it’d be cool if New England’s Bill Belichick wore a Chuck Testa “Nope!” hoodie on the sideline this Sunday. Think about it: Instead of throwing a challenge flag, Coach Belichick could simply step onto the field and point at his chest.

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