Top 10 Hunts Sold At The DSC Convention

At its 2015 convention, Jan. 15-18 in Dallas, Dallas Safari Club auctioned scores of hunting, fishing and other outdoor adventures, all to raise money for conservation. In fact, a whopping 122 of those trips sold for at least $5,000, raising big bucks for wildlife causes worldwide. DSC will announce its 2015 grants in coming weeks.

How do hunters support conservation? There are several ways. There’s the obvious way: hunting licenses, permits, tags and stamps. There’s also the long established excise tax on firearms, ammunition, bows and arrows. And then there’s the relatively unsung yet equally vital way – hunters’ voluntary contributions to conservation organizations like the Dallas Safari Club (DSC).

Here’s a look at the Top 10 hunts sold at the DSC convention and expo 2015.

  1. New Zealand Red Stag Hunt for 2 Hunters
    Sold For: $27,500
    DSC Donor: Spey Creek Trophy Hunting – New Zealand. 5-day 2x1 rifle hunt for two hunters and two non-hunters. Includes 1 gold-medal class red stag per hunter, trophy field prep, afternoon at spa for non-hunters, 1 day ocean fishing or waterfowl hunting, all lodging and accommodations, gourmet meals and transportation from the airport at Christchurch, New Zealand.

    Spey Creek Trophy Hunting – New Zealand,

  2. Argentina Big Game Hunt for 2 Hunters
    Sold For: $27,000
    DSC Donor: Cazapampa-Argentina. 10-Day 1x1 rifle hunt for two hunters and two non-hunters in La Pampa, Argentina. Includes trophy fees for 1 puma, 4 free-range management red stag, 2 free-range red stag with no score limit, 2 wild boar, 2 water Buffalo and 2 hybrid sheep. All trophies to be shared between the two hunters. Also includes one day of wingshooting. Includes transportation between airport and hunting property, lodging and trophy field prep.


  3. : Tanzania Leopard and Cape Buffalo Hunt
    Sold For: $27,000
    DSC Donor: Game Trackers Africa–Ondjamba Safaris. 14-day 1x1 rifle hunt for one hunter in the famous Selous Game Reserve and Maasailand, Tanzania. Includes trophy fees, field prep, tented safari-style accommodations, meals and transporting trophies to shipper. Not included: dip-and-pack service ($1,900), conservation fees ($3,150), rifle permits ($250), hunting license ($4,650) CITES permit and round-trip air charter between Dar es Salaam and the concession ($5,000).

    Game Trackers Africa,

  4. Namibia Plains Game Hunt
    Sold For: $26,000
    DSC Donor: Legendary Consortium, Legendary Taxidermy, Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris. 10day 1x1 hunt for one hunter and one non-hunter. Includes trophy fees for 1 gemsbok, 1 hartebeest, 1 blue wildebeest, 1 black wildebeest, 1 springbok, 1 impala, 1 warthog and 1 Burchell’s zebra. Also includes a custom Dakota Model 97 Outfitter rifle, taxidermy services for 1 pedestal mount, 2 shoulder mounts and one rug, all field prep, dip-and-pack, hunting license, lodging, meals and transportation between hunting concession and Windhoek airport.

    Legendary Consortium/Legends Taxidermy,
    Jan Oelofse Hunting Safaris,

  5. Mozambique Leopard Hunt
    Sold For: : $25,000
    DSC Donor: Majune Safaris. 14 day 1x1 rifle hunt for a leopard in the Niassa Province of Mozambique. Includes license fee and trophy fee for one male adult leopard. Hunt may be upgraded to include sable, buffalo, eland and other plains game at current rates. Also includes classic tented safari accommodations, meals, field prep, and round-trip transfer between Lichinga Airport and the hunt area. Not included: dip-and-pack service, transportation to shipper, CITES tax, beverages and gratuities.

    Majune Safaris,

  6. Alaska-Yukon Moose Hunt
    Sold For: $24,000
    DSC Donor: Fejes Guide Service Ltd. 10-day 1x1 Alaska-Yukon moose rifle hunt for one hunter. Includes lodge/spike camp accommodations, meals and field prep. Does not include license ($85), tag ($400), APHA fee ($150) and round-trip air taxi between Cordova, Alaska, and the lodge ($650). Transportation to actual hunt area is by plane. Hunting is spot-and-stalk. Hunt area is known for record-book moose, trophy mountain goat and tremendous brown and black bears, and hunt may be upgraded to include other species at current rates.

    Fejes Guide Service Ltd.,

  7. Argentina Big Game and Dove Hunt for 4
    Sold For: : $24,000
    DSC Donor: Estancia El Carrizal. A 7 day 1x1 rifle or bowhunt for four hunters in La Pampa, Argentina. Includes 5 days of big game hunting and 2 days of high-volume dove hunting. Includes trophy fees for 2 free-range red stag, 2 free-range water buffalo, 2 blackbuck and 2 wild boars. These eight trophies to be shared among the four hunters. Includes transfers from airport to hunt area, field prep, five-star accommodations and meals.

    Estancia El Carrizal,

  8. Cameroon Lord Derby Eland Hunt
    Sold For: $24,000
    DSC Donor: Mayo Oldiri Safaris. 13-day 1x1 rifle or bowhunt for Lord Derby eland in northern Cameroon for one hunter and one non-hunter. Winning bidder Will Hunt 420,000 hectares of property lying between Bouba Ndjida and Benoue national parks. Hunt may be upgraded to include other species at current rates. Includes ethnic-style camp accommodations, meals, beverages and airport transfers. Does not include trophy fee, dip-and-pack, gratuities and anti-poaching tax.

    Mayo Oldiri Safaris,

  9. Yukon Fannin or Dall Sheep Hunt
    Sold For: $22,000
    DSC Donor: Blackstone Outfitters Ltd. 10-day 1x1 backpack rifle hunt for one hunter in northern Yukon Territory. Trophy size in this area is full-curl ram. Includes field prep, transportation of trophy to shipper, tent or cabin accommodations and meals. Transportation from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, to hunt area is by plane but not included. Hunt may be upgraded to include caribou at current rates.

    Blackstone Outfitters Ltd.,

  10. Multi-Capra (Goat) Hunt for 1 or 2
    Sold For: $21,000
    DSC Donor: Shikar Safaris. This hunt offers the winning bidder two hunting options, including 1 high-gold Capra species for one hunter, or 2 regular Capra species for 2 hunters. Hunt location is an option, too. Choice A is hunting Anatolian ibex in Turkey. Choice B is hunting Himalayan ibex in Pakistan. Choice C is hunting Beceite, Gredos, Ronda or southeastern ibex in Spain. Choice D is hunting eastern tur in Azerbaijan. Includes trophy fees, 1x1 guide service, hunting licenses, accommodations, meals, field prep, gun import fees, visa invitation and airport transfers.

    Shikar Safaris,

Hunters Make It Happen
Dallas Safari Club raises and channels contributions from hunters into wildlife conservation, education and advocacy initiatives around the globe: Bobwhite quail research and desert bighorn sheep restoration in Texas; Moose, elk, stone sheep and caribou habitat enhancement in British Columbia; Elephant and lion anti-poaching efforts in Africa. These and other DSC projects ensure that future generations will enjoy watching and hunting wildlife, just as sportsmen and conservationists do today. To get involved, visit