Encore! Encore!

Thompson/Center introduced the Pro Hunter Encore Series a few years back, and a relaunch for 2015 will put everything from a .204 Ruger to a .500 S&W at your fingertips.

Its difficult to pick just one gun ... I get it. Then again, that's why they make 48-gun safes!

But you might have your eye on a brand-new truck or ATV and thusly are willing to budget for only one gun, and I get that, too. Shoot, the diaper money comes straight out of my gun budget, so I REALLY get it.

Luckily for us all, Thompson/Center also understands, and they've relaunched their Pro Hunter Encore line for just that reason.

With one action, you can buy multiple barrels to suit all your needs for all your various pursuits. For example, say you're a die-hard .270 Win. shooter when it comes to whitetails and elk, but you want to avoid shooting giant holes in your coyote hides come winter. Buy the .270 Win. Pro Hunter and add a .243 Win. barrel to your combo. Problem solved.

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