Would You Flugz Yourself?

Getting custom-fit hearing protection is the best way to protect your ears, but they can be ridiculously expensive. Well, not anymore, thanks to the Otis Flugz.

Hearing protection is just like toothpaste: It's one of those items that you hate to spend money on, but it's completely necessary. What you will use without it ... your ability to hear ... simply makes it worthwhile.

It's no secret that in-ear custom-fit hearing protectors are, generally speaking, the best available. They don't prohibit a solid cheek weld to a rifle buttstock like muffs often do, and they seal all available channels to shield your inner ear. Plus, they're comfortable ... and that's important.

But that technology is expensive ... or at least it used to be.

At the 2015 SHOT Show, I stopped by the Otis booth to talk to Aaron Smith about the new gun cleaning gear, and he surprised me with the Flugz. The premise behind this awesome product is the same as that of a hockey or football (or MMA, as I prefer) mouth guard: You heat the plastic in water and mold it to fit you personally as it hardens and retains it's shape. But unlike most mouth guards, you can "redo" the Flugz until you get them to fit just right.

Cost: $25

The only downside of this product is that it's not quite available yet, but I was told they'll be ready before spring and just in time to welcome warmer weather and Flugz yourself at the range with your favorite rifle or shotgun.

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