Is This Really Possible?

Think back 5 years: Could you imagine that your phone would have the capabilities to give you real-time wind readings in a hunting situation a mere half-decade later? Nikon and it's Spot On technology get the credit for this one.

Honestly, just how intelligent is your smartphone? Is it only as capable as the user (that's you) is competent?

Mark Kayser hit the Nikon booth at SHOT Show 2015 and got a peek at something innovative that's sure to make his phone rival his own ballistic prowess.

And, of course, what would a Nikon video be without talking about their high-quality optics. The Monarch 5 bino line has been impressing hunters for quite some time now, and adding this technology to a riflescope line, along with ED glass, is going to make it very difficult for competitors to keep up.