Want To Win A Turkey Scope?

We editors are feeling a bit generous this February, and if you’re as excited about the upcoming turkey season as we are, then you should enjoy this giveaway.

Here’s the deal: Last spring we had the pleasure of using a new shotgun scope designed specifically for turkey hunting, and we learned first-hand that it’s deadly. So we thought a visitor to HuntingClub.com might want one, too. We apologize for the cluttered desk in the photo below, but we wanted to prove to you we actually have the scope in-hand.

The Weaver 1-4X24mm KASPA VZT Turkey Scope features an innovative Vertical Zone Turkey reticle that allows you to make a precise shot. It’s perfect for shotgun mounting and offers unlimited eye relief and rapid, both-eyes-open target acquisition on gobblers.

Never heard of the VZT?

As the illustration below shows, the revolutionary Vertical Zone Turkey (VZT) Reticle has a straight-sided, slot shape, and it’s designed to naturally aim the center crosshair to the middle of a turkey’s kill zone (think head/neck). The two oval slots provide references for 20 and 40 yards. At close range, the top of the turkey’s head and base of its neck will fit inside the larger outer slot. At longer distances, the top of the turkey’s head and base of its neck will fit inside the smaller, inner slot. In either case, the center crosshair will sit on the center of the neck for precise shot placement.

The scope’s heavy-duty 30mm tube contains fully multi-coated lenses for amazing clarity and light transmission in the turkey woods. Finally, tough-as-nails scope caps are also included, and the KASPA is dressed in Mossy Oak Obsession camo.

MSRP on this Weaver KASPA 1-4X24mm VZT Scope (model 849848) is $259.99, but you can enter to win by clicking here. FYI: The deadline to enter is Feb. 23, 2015 so snooze you lose.

Note: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, associated with or administered by Weaver Optics.

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