SHOT Show 2015: Tactacam Booth Visit

Unless your last name is Nugent, Waddell or Lakosky, chances are good you don’t always have someone in the treestand or ground blind with you filming the action. But we editors found a product at the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show that allows you easily self-film your next turkey or deer hunt.

Tactacam is mounted like a stabilizer for bowhunting (above), or attached to the barrel or scope of a firearm (below). The camera turns on and records with the simple push of a button. When you’re done recording, push the button again to turn it off. Easy!

So what does this camera do that the others don’t?

It’s all about the lens. In addition to the 12 mega-pixel low-light sensor, it uses a unique lens that provides a view similar to what you see with the human eye. In other words, it’s not a fish-eye lens that pushes images away. When you film a deer at 20 yards, the animal doesn’t look like it’s at 100 yards when you show the clip to your buddies. A 20-yard shot looks like a 20-yard shot.

To see for yourself, check out the video below of Tactacam founder Ben Stern as he arrows a mature Wisconsin whitetail. He filmed his hunt with the new Tactacam 2.0 and soon-to-be-available selfie lens.

Click here to buy your own Tactacam prior to archery turkey season. That way, you’ll be an expert at filming your own hunts before deer season rolls around!

And thanks to Ben Stern (video below) for taking the time to show us his innovative camera at this year's SHOT Show.